Monday, May 24, 2010

Library Cafe Renovations

Starbucks is coming to the library! Oh, you thought they were already here? The current cafe serves Starbucks coffee, but in Fall 2010, the library cafe space will be transformed into a full service Starbucks with the complete restaurant menu -- the first on campus.

The cafe space on the 1st floor of the library (just inside the front doors) will be closed during the entire Summer 2010 semester for the renovations. Yes, the whole summer. Three to four whole months without coffee. Oh no, oh no, oh no! .... Take a deep breath. One, two, three, four... exhale. That's better. Remember, there are other places on campus to get a cup of the brown elixir. Mass Comm and the BAS both have coffee stations, as do several of the other dining facilities on campus. We can do this.

The group study rooms will be removed to make room for expanded food and drink preparation and storage, and the wooden study carrels will be replaced with more counter seating and casual seating arrangements, which we hope will provide ample spaces for both relaxation and group work.

In the meantime, you can look at the renovation plans and dream.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Activate Your Library Card by June 10

You may not know this, but each semester when you use your library card (that is, your student ID) for the first time, we "activate" it. It won't give you the power to transform into a bird or take the form of a glacier, but activation does empower you to use your library card for things like checking out books, checking your online library account, and using interlibrary loan.

Normally, you could activate your library card any time during the semester, but since we are switching over to a new library system in mid-June, and things will be utter chaos in transition for a while, we need to get you activated early or you may not be able to check out books later in the summer. Please bring your library card to the Circulation desk on the 1st floor of the library by June 10 so that we can activate it before it's too late.

** This only applies to students. Faculty and staff do not need to get their cards activated each semester.**