Friday, November 7, 2014

Guzheng Music Performance Thurs. Nov. 13

Please come and enjoy a Chinese Guzheng Music Performance at Walker Library Nov. 13th from 2:30-3:00 as we celebrate the International Education Week at MTSU.

The performer is Ms. Tianyi Wei, an MTSU exchange student perusing a degree in actual science.  She started learning the instrument at the age 6 and has been performing ever since.  With support from her parents she was able to focus on academics as well as her love of music.  Tianyi Wei enjoys playing the gu zheng for the peace and tranquility it brings to herself and others.  

"The guzheng or gu zheng (Chinese: 古箏, pronounced "go jin"), also simply called zheng (, gu means "ancient"), is a Chinese plucked zither. It has 18 or more strings and movable bridges, and the modern guzheng usually has 21 strings and bridges. The picks (called "DaiMao") used by performers to play guzheng are often made out of the shells of Hawksbill.

The guzheng is the ancestor of several Asian zither instruments..."

On display in the Library atrium

On display in the Library atrium is an exhibit showcasing MTSU Veterans and Military on campus. The exhibit is up through November 22.