Thursday, January 17, 2008

Does the library have your textbook?

The library does not buy a copy of every required textbook used at MTSU. We may have a copy of your textbook, either by chance or because your instructor has made a copy available at the reserves desk. To check on the availability of a book, use the Voyager catalog to search for your book by title, or you may see a list of reserve items by instructor or course by using the “Course Reserves” link on the Library’s Web site.

Also, the Reserves collection includes over 300 supplemental texts for General Education courses. Search for these books by title in the Voyager Catalog, or to scan the list of all supplemental textbooks, use the “Course Reserves” link on the Library’s Web site and choose “Textbook Supplementals” from the list of instructor names. For more help, please consult the library reference desk.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Printing issues

The Library has installed a new version of GoPrint on the print server (computer that controls printing). There are a few issues that need to be addressed: In the past, all print jobs would show up on all three of the print kiosks (touch screens). That functionality was removed from this new version but the vendor hopes to reinstate it in the near future. Secondly, the computers are loosing connectivity to the print server, here again this will hopefully be fixed in the near future. Lastly, the number of pages that can now be printed at one time has been reduced to fifty. This will not be changed in the forseeable future.

As always we ask that you limit your printing to course related material and to print only one copy of what you need.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Interface for Web of Science and BIOSIS Previews

ISI Web of Knowledge now has a new look! Affected subsidiary databases are Web of Science, BIOSIS Previews and Zoological Record.

The new interface is easier to use, while allowing for the use of additional search fields. The results page also includes an improved refine search menu to the left of your search results. Besides, Endnote Web is fully integrated into ISI Web of Knowledge.

The new interface is live now and access to the old version is discontinued.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Honor a Student & Help the Library

The Book Honor Program provides a way to recognize a student´s academic success while at the same time providing needed resources for the Walker Library. State funds are not enough to adequately support the full range of excellence at MTSU. That is why the Library, and other campus colleges and units rely on support from friends and alumni.

Gifts to the Book Honor Program go directly toward purchasing books for the Library. Each book purchased will contain a special bookplate with the student’s and donor’s names and an acknowledgement of each gift will be sent to the student being recognized.

Each gift will be a vote of confidence for students and will provide important support for Library collections at MTSU. For more information, go to the Book Honor Program web page. For other ways to help provide strong library resources on campus, see the Library Development web page.