Thursday, July 26, 2012

Watch the Olympics in the Library!

Watch the Olympics
in the Library Lounge!

The 2012 Summer Olympics run Friday, July 27 - Sunday, August 12. We know you are excited, and so are we! You may have considered recreating the javelin throw or stealing a horse and jumping hurdles across the bike racks in the quad as a homage. We get it, but might we suggest an alternative that won't get you arrested or give you heat stroke? Come inside the Walker Library and adjourn to our Lounge on the first floor. Here you will find two large screens that will be showing Olympic programming throughout the games. You can find the schedule of events here. Conveniently located across the hall is a vending area and restroom so you can stay focused on that wicked handball match. If you find yourself drifting during the pentathlon you can always read some of our popular new releases or peruse a magazine. You only have to leave when we do.

And after the Olympics you can return to the lounge to relax between classes and keep current.
Enjoy popular magazines, local and national newspapers, and televisions tuned to news and weather.

Want to try streaming the Olympics, here are some tips,

So join us, we will be watching the table tennis with particular interest.