Thursday, April 30, 2009

Books due May 9th, at the latest

Just checked out some books? Good for you! Enjoy them a while longer. They're not due until Saturday, May 9.* That's graduation day, so those of you who are walking can drop them off on your way off campus. Over 1000 students at each ceremony? Whew! That's a lot of sitting. You might want something to read. Just kidding! You'll want to soak up every nugget of wisdom delivered by your commencement speakers, of course.


* Check your due date in the back of the book. If you checked it out weeks ago, your due date will be sooner than May 9.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Library Twitter Feed

We've got the Stall Wall News, we've got the blog. What we really needed was a third way to tell you the same information. Just kidding. We hope to keep it fresh and somewhat different. Follow us at You can also see our Twitter updates in the right hand column of this blog.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exam Schedule

The Spring 2009 final exam schedule is available on the Records and Scheduling website.
This is a public service announcement from your ever-helpful librarians.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bottoms up! New Drink Policy

Craving a cappucino while cramming? Pining for a Pepsi while perusing the periodicals? Go for it! Based on user feedback, the library has decided to permit all beverages* in covered containers on a trial basis.** The previous policy only allowed bottled water. Food remains off limits in the library.

Containers must have lids or caps. Please drink responsibly.

Photo credit: mod as hell, at flickr

*Non-alcoholic beverages, that is.

** If we mess up and spill stuff everywhere, the privilege may be revoked, but we're all adults and we can totally handle this, right?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Science and Spirituality Forum

The Science & Spirituality Forum will be hosting a brown bag discussion on Thursday April 23, at 11:30 in the Walker Library 4th floor conference room. The topic will be Listening to the Dying: Spiritual Growth at the End of Life.

The Science and Spirituality Forum at Middle Tennessee State University grew out of early conversations among four MTSU professors about various spiritual perspectives, scientific advances, and our human place in the cosmos. These conversations have developed into monthly lunch dialogues among interested faculty, staff and students.

Our monthly brown bags lunches integrate the use of guest speakers, panel discussions involving scholars and community leaders, and book discussions to investigate together issues at the nexus of science & spirituality.Please join us for our next discussion!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

National Library Week 2009

Worlds connect @ your library...

Celebrate National Library Week at the James E. Walker Library, April 12-18, 2009

It’s National Library Week, a time to celebrate the contributions of libraries, librarians and library workers in schools, campuses and communities nationwide - and the perfect time to discover how worlds connect @ your library.

Every day, libraries in big cities and small towns, colleges and universities, in schools and in businesses help transform their communities. At our library, people of all backgrounds come together for study, meetings, lectures and programs, to do research with the assistance of a trained professional, to get help.

First sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is a national observance sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country each April.

Friday, April 10, 2009

End of the semester HELP!

Students can meet with a Research Coach in the Walker Library for individual 30-minute sessions to:

  • Get in-depth research help
  • Brainstorm for topics
  • Find good quality resources (book, magazines, articles)
  • Cite resources

The librarians at the MTSU Walker Library can help you use the library resources to locate the sources you need to ace your paper.

When: April 13-17
Appt Times: 10-6 Monday-Thursday; 10-4 Friday

Call: Gwen Williams at 904-8530 or email

Tell Us: your name, telephone #, the course, and a little about the assignment

You may stop by the Reference Desk on the 1st floor of the library any time for help from a librarian. But sometimes you need a little more.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What happened to the newspapers?

You may have noticed that the newspaper wall in the Periodicals area is looking a little bare. Only the Nashville Tennessean and Murfreesboro Daily News Journal are now maintained in the hanging racks. The print copies of other local, regional, national and international titles have been cancelled as a budget measure and because we have many titles available online.

An easy way to determine what newspapers are available is to go to our Newspapers subject page or to view our list of newspaper electronic holdings on our Journal Locator.

Good databases for doing topic searches in newspapers include America's Newspapers and LexisNexis.