Thursday, April 30, 2009

Books due May 9th, at the latest

Just checked out some books? Good for you! Enjoy them a while longer. They're not due until Saturday, May 9.* That's graduation day, so those of you who are walking can drop them off on your way off campus. Over 1000 students at each ceremony? Whew! That's a lot of sitting. You might want something to read. Just kidding! You'll want to soak up every nugget of wisdom delivered by your commencement speakers, of course.


* Check your due date in the back of the book. If you checked it out weeks ago, your due date will be sooner than May 9.


Anonymous said...

Can we keep them if we're going to be in school over the summer??

Librarian said...

Good question, anonymous. Even if you're enrolled for the summer, they probably have a due of May 9. If you'd like to renew them, bring them into the library to the circulation desk where we'll check your enrollment and get you an extension. Thanks for asking!