Thursday, January 17, 2008

Does the library have your textbook?

The library does not buy a copy of every required textbook used at MTSU. We may have a copy of your textbook, either by chance or because your instructor has made a copy available at the reserves desk. To check on the availability of a book, use the Voyager catalog to search for your book by title, or you may see a list of reserve items by instructor or course by using the “Course Reserves” link on the Library’s Web site.

Also, the Reserves collection includes over 300 supplemental texts for General Education courses. Search for these books by title in the Voyager Catalog, or to scan the list of all supplemental textbooks, use the “Course Reserves” link on the Library’s Web site and choose “Textbook Supplementals” from the list of instructor names. For more help, please consult the library reference desk.

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