Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What’s With the Animals?

Paper Rewind Dog

So, why an art installation made of waste paper?

1) This week we celebrate Earth Day, first celebrated in the United States in 1970 as a way to show support for the environmental movement.

2) The creative, talented students in Prof. Thomas Sturgill’s 3-D Design class proposed the installation as a class project. They did an awesome job, from planning to proposing to executing the project. Read more about the process at

Recycling Bin3) Have you seen how much paper is left by the library printers every day? Students print 6.5 million pages a year in the library. That’s the equivalent of more than 700 trees, or 11,284 miles if the paper is spread end-to-end. Unfortunately, a lot of printing ends up abandoned on the printers or in the recycling bins. The purpose of Paper Rewind is to raise awareness of the library’s paper consumption and to encourage people to think before they print.

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