Monday, August 25, 2008

Textbook rentals: a new option

Many textbooks are very expensive, and we at the library feel your pain. The library works hard to support MTSU classes with supplemental materials, but we cannot purchase all courses’ textbooks for placement on Walker Library course reserve. It is always disheartening to send away a desperate student “empty-handed” when we know you have a tight budget and possibly an exam the next day requiring access to a textbook.

Recognizing the dilemma that many students face with textbook purchases, new businesses have found a niche in textbook rentals. was started by a former MTSU student and offers students an alternative to purchasing expensive textbooks that may only be utilized by faculty a time or two throughout the course of a semester. has partnered with numerous college/campus bookstores throughout the country. Locally, it is partnered with the Blue Raider Bookstore. Rental fees are 5% per day of the book’s selling price. For a book that sells for $100.00, its rental fee is $5.00 per day, or $15.00 for three days, plus a 10% service charge.

Other textbook rental options include, which mails books directly to a student rather than working through a bookstore and offers discounted semester-long rentals, as does

Angry about high textbook prices? Worried that it's only going to get worse? Feel like it's time for a change? So do governmental groups, university systems, and public interest research groups. Tell someone what you think. Try university administration and your state and federal legislators.

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Stephen Watkins said...

The rental price at Blue Raider Bookstore is now between 5-10 percent of the retail price