Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Easier linking to library stuff in D2L


Have you ever needed to link to articles you found in library databases for your online classes? Maybe in discussion posts?


Do you link to articles for your students to read?
Do you link to article databases such as JSTOR or General OneFile?

If so, access just got easier. Users in D2L will not need to log in to library resources if the following procedure is used. If you're linking to databases, you don't need to change a thing. Just grab the URL from the library site. If you're linking to articles, add this prefix to the URL,

and those who click will not need to log in if they are working within D2L. Outside of D2L, users will still need to log in. Make sure to include the entire URL after the prefix, including the "http."

Wondering how to link to articles from databases? Watch this video (note that the url above is different in the guide. It will still work, but it won't bypass login.)

Any questions? Contact Amy York at

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