Thursday, November 12, 2009

MTSU's four Libraries

In 1912, the first library at Middle Tennessee State Normal School was established by newly hired librarian Betty Avent Murfree, boasting a collection of 75 donated volumes. It was housed on the third floor of Kirksey Old Main; its collection eventually grew to 2,000 volumes.

Murfree Hall, the original campus library, located near present day Peck Hall. Murfree Hall was built in 1927 and designed by C.K. Colley. After the building's use as the school's library, it housed the English Department for ten years until it was demolished in 1967. The building was named for Mrs. Betty Murfree, who was the librarian from 1911 to 1945.

In 1958, Andrew L. Todd Library was constructed between the Science Building and Jones Hall to hold 150,000 volumes. In 1970, an addition was built in order to meet the needs of a growing university. Eventually, Todd Library, originally designed to hold 225,000 volumes, held more than 600,000 volumes.

Named for Dr. James E. Walker, the 250,000 sq. ft. building combines space and services in an environment that inspires learning and interaction, and brings together intellectual and social aspects. The library provides 350 computer s and laptops and over 900,000 volumes. It offers 1,500 general reader seats, 1,000 individual study carrel seats. Also provided are 43 group study rooms and 60 faculty research studies. The library has an active program of instruction, teaching use of databases and other resources through two lab rooms.

Help us celebrate 10 years in the building by telling us "My favorite thing about the James E. Walker Library is...." Email us at or you can fill out a card at one of the desks located throughout the Library and we will automatically enter you in a drawing to win an IPOD and other prizes.

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Anonymous said...

Always find stories like this interesting - history of buildings of areas I'm familiar with. I was a CS major so am very familiar with 3rd floor KOM but never knew it used to house the library.

Anonymous said...

Yep until 1927...