Monday, April 9, 2012

Trees in the Library!

Recycled Paper
Tree Project
Drawing II

Instructor: Associate Professor Erin Anfinson

Ray Armstrong
Evelyn Burns-Garatoni
Sandi Caves
Sarah Denton
DeMarcus Jackson
Adrienne Johnson
Natsumi Kajisa
Jessica Kanizar
Kellie Melton
Kristine Sharp
Katie Stephens
Jaqulyn Swanson
Nicole Wolowicz

Last year Walker Library visitors used over 8.3 million sheets of paper in “free” printing. That much paper adds up to nearly 1,000 trees!

Students enrolled in Drawing II created this installation out of the paper collected from a single recycling bin from the library in an effort to raise awareness about the true cost of paper consumption. Although the environmental impact is staggering, the weight of lost library resources resonated closely with the drawing students. Extra funding spent on printing paper means less funding is available for technology and educational resources valued by the MTSU community.

We hope the project will provide a moment of reflection for the students, faculty and administration. Ponder before you print!

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