Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stop Feeding the Monster!!

On display in the Walker Library atrium is a student art installation from Erin Anfinson's Drawing 2 class. Stop Feeding the Monster: Think Before You Print will be on display through April 26th.

Watch how we made the monster here!

In 2012, Walker Library visitors used over 9.6 million sheets of paper. That much paper adds up to nearly 1,371 trees! The environmental impact alone is staggering, but the weight of lost library resources also resonated with the students who designed this project. Extra funding spent on printing paper means less available funding for technology and educational resources valued by the MTSU community.

For the students, the form of a paper-consuming monster best served as a playful representation of this serious problem. 100% of this installation was made out of reused paper from the library recycling bins. All materials will be recycled at the end of the exhibition. We hope the project will provide a moment of reflection for the students, faculty and administration. Think before you print!

Jacob Bagby, Jessica Booker, Kenzie Haro, Alex Hibbard, Megan Huff man, Denesha Jones, Chelby Pickett, Ben Rasmussen, Kelsie Richards, John Saad, Tasha Storie, Charles Williams

Associate Professor Erin An finson

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