Thursday, May 16, 2013

Where did the Media Library go?

The Media Library is still here. The collections and access to streaming video is still here in the Library, just not in room 262 anymore. Take a look at this helpful Media Library Guide to access a ton of online resources and to see how to checkout and view media here in the Library.

This summer the room (LIB 262) that was the Media Library is being returned to a large study space, with computers and a Presentation Practice Room. As always if you need help locating a source (video, book, website or journal) just ASK A LIBRARIAN!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your post says the media library is not in 262 but doesn't answer the teaser question, referring us instead to the library webpage. The webpage says it's in 262. ???

Walker Librarian said...

So sorry about the circular information. We wrote the blog post before completely updating our website. oops. The media collection has been folded into our general collection. To find what we have, search the library catalog at Go to the circulation desk on the 1st floor and a staff member will retrieve the media item for you.