Thursday, February 20, 2014

Engineering Case Studies Online

The Library is offering a trial to Engineering Case Studies Online, an online resource from Alexander Street Press that includes 250 hours of video and other resources that provide analysis of key engineering failures. It provides in-depth coverage for the most frequently taught and seminal engineering case studies and failures—from the Titanic to the Challenger space shuttle explosion.

Because Engineering Case Studies Online addresses cases from a variety of angles, including their legal and ethical implications, the collection has broad applications for fields including architecture, business, law, urban planning, health and safety, environmental studies, science, sociology, media, and technology. Materials in the collection include:
  •          Feature-length video documentaries of major failures.
  •          Monographs explaining cases in detail and describing key engineering concepts and issues.
  •          Simulations depicting precisely what went wrong.
  •          Primary footage of accidents, including related news segments.
  •          Event timelines and maps.
  •          Audio footage and transcripts.
  •          Testimonies from participants, victims, and witnesses.
  •          Images, accident reports, blueprints, and other key archival content whenever available.
  •          Bibliographies of authoritative materials from newspapers, Web sites, and journals.
  •          Specially written cases that explore engineering ethics.

Investigate Engineering Case Studies Online before the trial ends in February 2015, and tell us what you think by completing the Database Trial Evaluation form. Please direct any questions to David Nelson, Head, Collection Development and Management.

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Bobby Tulsa said...

Some of this stuff is nuttier than a Port-A-John in a peanut festival!