Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sage Research Methods Training

Come to a Free Training Session on how to use Sage Research Methods. 

For students:
What is a Research Method?

Research Methods are the systematic tools used to conduct research. Basically, they are the rules researchers follow to collect information in order to seek an answer to their research question.
What does SAGE Research Methods do?

SAGE Research Methods (SRM) is an online collection of books and other full-text materials that provide authoritative information on how to perform hundreds of research methods. The how-tos for carrying out every step of your research project are here.

You can find great coverage in SRM on all steps of the research process, such as writing a research question, conducting a literature review, and writing up the findings. You will also find short introductions and lengthy explorations of hundreds of research methods used in the social sciences.

For faculty:
If you’re overseeing a student research project, thesis, or dissertation, you can direct students to SRM to help with every step of the research process

All of the content on SRM is designed to instruct readers new to a method or a concept in how to employ that method or concept themselves in their own research. As such, SRM is the perfect resource for those teaching Research Methods courses. You can curate reading lists for your students by creating a Methods List and setting it to public. See the Tutorials page on SRM for a how-to video.

You can also add SRM content to your Course Management System. Find out how at .

Find Sample Assignments on the Faculty Resource Page.

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