Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Road tripping? Take an audiobook

Hitting the beach one last time before school starts? That's quite a drive. At least 8 hours from here. And there are certain uncivilized pockets of Alabama where you simply can't pick up an NPR station. Shocking, I know. Why not take along a few audiobooks to keep you entertained and mentally stimulated? It's either that or the license plate game.

Audiobooks are located in the IMR at the Learning Resources Center (LRC), which is between the KUC and the Business/Aerospace building (see map here), but start your search in the Voyager catalog.

You can search by title if you are looking for a specific book. Here is what the record will look like:

Audiobooks have the [sound recording] label in the title. Be sure to write down the Call Nmber and take note of the Status. Audiobooks with call numbers that begin with G are CDs, while those that begin with A are cassette tapes.

If you don't have a specific book in mind, browse the whole list by perfoming a keyword search in the catalog for "audiobooks." Sort the results by Publish Date Descending (a drop down box is above the list of results) to view the newest offerings.

If you need help finding something, ask us.

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K. said...

You don't even have to wait for a roadtrip. I listen to audiobks at the gym, while I'm cleaning, etc. It really makes the time fly!