Thursday, November 20, 2008

We're Not Perfect

To the student asking for the book Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers:

We are thrilled that you stopped this morning to look at the carts of popular reading material in the Library lobby. Since we librarians like to help people, we are also happy that you came to ask us for help when you didn't see the book on the cart next to its bookjacket (It does look like an interesting book, doesn't it?).

We faithfully consulted the library catalog and sent you off to find the book at its 3rd floor call number. But after you left we realized the problem was due to librarian error: we forgot to move the book from our desk to the cart before we put up the display! So you went to the 3rd floor in vain.

We apologize for sending you on a wild goose chase and hope you will forgive us. Please don't let our mistakes discourage you from asking us for help in the future.

BTW, Stiff is now on the popular reading cart where it belongs (or at least it's there until someone else decides to borrow it!).


ALSO, to the person who IM'ed about articles discussing Dead Poet's Society, we neglected to tell you that the good article in Literature Resource Center is best found by searching the screenwriter's name, Tom Schulman.


Anonymous said...

Imperfectly perfect?

Librarian said...

We'll accept that!