Thursday, December 4, 2008


Is an all night study session in your near future?

Maybe it is finals week and you have not even started studying for the exams you have tomorrow.

Or maybe you have a term paper due first thing in the morning and you are still searching for a research topic!!!

Either way, you're about to experience one of college’s most notorious experiences:
the all nighter!!!!

Of course, the best advice for pulling an all nighter is this: DON’T. But, if you find yourself pulling an all nighter, here are some survival tips to help:

Time management. Take a few minutes to figure out exactly what you need to accomplish. Come up with an hour-by-hour schedule. You only have limited time, so make sure you make a schedule that allows you to accomplish as much as possible.

Take the time to prioritize your studies. Study the most important things early in the evening and the less important things later.

Schedule study breaks. Short maybe five-minute break for every hour. Breaks are necessary to clear your mind and relax.

Work Space. Study in the library if that's what works, or at your desk. Switch study spaces to help you stay awake and focused. Don't get too comfortable! Studying on a bed, couch, or a cozy chair is asking for trouble.

Minimize distractions. Turn off your cell phone, no text messaging, and do not even think about Facebook.

Food and Drinks. Food and drink will help you stay awake and alert-- but you have to do it correctly or you may become sleepier. Here are some tips:

1. Limit caffeine. You may want to reach for a Red Bull, but use it in moderation. After binging on caffeine, your body will crash, maybe even during your exam!
2. Limit carbs. Like caffeine, carbohydrates will give you an energy burst-- followed by a big crash.
3. Eat protein. Protein gives energy without the crash. Try nuts, cheese, a meaty sandwich or wrap with minimal bread, or a low-sugar protein bar.
4. Drink water. When you work out, you need to drink water for stamina. Same with your study session.

Study Group. Studying with a group can be helpful; if someone in the group drifts off, the others can give a good wake-up shove. Make sure the group is not a distraction. If your group can't stay quiet and focused, it’s better to study alone.

Good Luck!!!

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