Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finding Full Text Articles

Confused about how to obtain the full text of an article when you see a promising citation or abstract in a database? Never fear, your helpful librarian has heard your cry of frustration and wants to help.

Sometimes, the full text of an article is available in the database--just look for a "full text" or "PDF" link. Otherwise, use the Article Linker or Find Fulltext link to see if the article is available in print or online in another database.

Have you used Article Linker before and that's what prompted the cry of frustration? It can be a bit complicated. This illustrated guide to Finding Articles shows how Article Linker works. Or, auditory and visual learners may prefer watching this 3.5 minute narrated, captioned video.

Still need help, or too frustrated to watch or read a tutorial right now? Visit our Need Help? page and ask a librarian.

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