Thursday, August 26, 2010

What we did on our summer vacation

It might not have been as exciting as summer camp or the family vacation to the Poconos but Walker library staff worked hard all summer to bring a lot of new services and a few changes to the library. Here is our report.

1. The Digital Media Studio is open On the second floor the Micro text area has been transformed into a multi-media studio complete with Mac's, color printing and instruction on a variety of rich media software applications.

2. InfoSearch is our new, simple searching tool to help you find resources in the library. Use tags, rate the resource and use a Google like search to find materials easily.

3. Laptops are now checked out at the Computer Support Desk, beyond the elevators on the first floor where periodical support used to be. Bonus! Laptops can now be taken out of the library, the checkout time is still 4 hours!

4. Reserves are now checked out and turned in at the circulation desk.

5. We have new chairs, that you voted on, in the computer lab on the first floor.

6. We have two new tenants on the third floor
The University Writing Center & The Learning, Teaching and Instructional Technology Center

7. We have a real Starbucks!

Don't forget about our reference assistance, research coach , interlibrary loan and express printing!

Hopefully with all these new tools and services you won't be too distraught that we didn't make you a potholder or lanyard.

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Melanie said...

Informative, creative, AND entertaining! THANKS!