Monday, March 29, 2010

Writing Center Moves to the Library

The Writing Center will move to the 3rd floor of the Walker Library this summer. Now how handy will that be? The Writing Center provides help with citing sources, formatting papers, organizing essays, and getting started on your paper.

This will be a great move students because, as you know (don't you?) the librarians at the Reference desk on the 1st floor can help you find sources -- including articles, books, statistics, good websites, and other resources -- for your papers. Now you'll have help from start to finish, all in one place!

Until the move is completed, the Writing Center will continue to operate in its current locations of Peck Hall 325 and Ezell Hall 119.

Stay tuned for details and exact moving dates.


JR said...

I must say this is a welcome announcement. The writing center has been one of the unsung heroes of this campus for a long time. This move will prove mutually beneficial for the UWC and the Library, but even moreso for students.

Dissertation Help said...
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