Monday, March 1, 2010

Netbook Survey Results

The results of our Netbook Survey have been tabulated and the response is positive. Students like the netbook. Here are the highlights:

The netbook earned a high score, 41% of survey participants gave it an A while 46% awarded it a B. No one gave it below a C.

The netbook earned high marks in all five areas of portability, connectivity, speed, overall usability, battery and screen size. But students really love its portability, battery life and connectivity.

While we thought the tiny screen might be an issue, but of those who used the netbook, 66% said it was great. (we did have 17 who declined to try the netbook because they thought the screen was too small)

If we buy more netbooks, which are much less expensive and have longer battery life than traditional laptops, survey participants want us to get a something with a DVD drive and, if possible, a better processer.

We asked students to rate by importance the factors were most important when considering a laptop of any kind.

Screen size
Programs available
Battery life
Ability to run multiple applications

Survey participants rated speed as the most important factor, followed by programs available. In last place was battery life. What about you? What are most important features you would consider when purchasing a laptop?


Anonymous said...

What netbooks were used in the survey? I'm interested to see how the ipad (and its hp/microsoft equivalents) do when they hit the market. I think there will a much greater demand for these than the small 10" screen laptops. Personally, running multiple applications is a plus, even being able to use dual screens (yeah windows 7!). I really want to see textbooks be readily available in ebook format.... then netbooks/laptops will be even more useful in classrooms and in general... not to mention the ability to use text to voice, and convert these into audiobook.

MTSU Librarian said...

The netbook is a Dell, that is the company the university contracts with for computer equipment. The Ipad is just on of many cool gadgets out there that have us drooling. But, the netbook platform, regardless of the model, is right now the most cost effective and efficient tool for surfing and basic office applications. As the market expands and prices come down, we will definitely look into expanding into this area. Keep the technology suggestions coming though, we like to know what students are into.