Monday, March 15, 2010

Sit. Vote. Win.

We need your feedback. We are purchasing some new and much needed chairs for the Library Computer Lab on the 1st floor. You know the ones we're talking about. The ones that practically sit on the floor. The ones you've swivelled until you've developed carpal tunnel syndrome. But they won't adjust anymore. They are b-r-o-k-e-n.

We want to know which type chair you would prefer, so we have a variety of samples for your posterior to test. The chairs share the following criteria:

1. They are all Green Guard certified, have high post consumer (recycled) content and they can be fully recycled at end of life
2. They will all roll
3. None o
f them have arms

Come to the library March 22 through the 26th and sit in our chairs. The chairs showcase will be held on the first floor in the periodical echo dome, just past the elevators.

BONUS: In addition to getting a great chair, if you give us your email when you vote, you could win a fabulous prize.

Any chair comments, concerns or requests you would like to make, we would like to hear.

This is your space; please help us make it work for you


Emerging Technologies Librarian


Melanie said...

Do these chairs have a load limit? Perhaps rollers should be placed on the bottoms of some of the many wooden chairs in the building and used in some capacity more applicable for today's needs.

Heather said...

the chairs have a 450 pound limit. Our wooden chairs aren't going anywhere but the weight of the chairs prohibits us from making them rolling chairs. Seriously hard to move around.

Carrie said...

I want to win a prize! :-)

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the chairs now, are too many of them broken or something? I went and looked at the chair options and they didn't look nearly as comfortable as the ones in here now. Why can't you replace the chairs with brand new ones that we already have, is it a budget thing?

and the red ones are just ugly and an eyesore.

MTSU Librarian said...

@Anonymous: yes, a great many of the chairs already in the lab are broken. For instance, most will no longer adjust upward, so they are at an uncomfortably low height.

One thing to keep in mind about the new options is that we would have a great bit of leeway in the final design. For instance, we would not buy the red chairs in that color. Instead, we would choose a color that better matches our existing decor, and we would probably get upholstered seats so that they are more comfortable for long term sitting. Feel free to make comments of this kind on your card when you vote for a chair at the fair.

We will move existing chairs that are still in good condition to the upper floors to replace other broken chairs on those levels.

American Literature said...

I prefer the solid and heavy chairs.The computer chairs we are using now can not be lift high, or low, easily. If one of the chairs can adjust the height easily and durable, I would love it.