Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New books on your computer

Ebrary is a database with the latest and greatest books from top academic publishers. You can find books on anthropology, business, religion, social science, medicine and more.

The amazing thing about Ebrary is that the collection is constantly updated so all the books are NEW.

The Ebrary reader is simple to use and allows you to do quick skimming, search for key words, jump chapters or flip pages. Here are some other nifty things you can do with Ebrary:
  1. Highlight text and take notes – Create a bookshelf (if needed) to save and organize your research.
  2. Use InfoTools – Link out to other online resources to expand your research.
  3. Print pages, and copy and paste text – ebrary provides automatic citations with a URL hyperlink back to the source. (HOW COOL IS THIS??)
  4. Manage, archive and share research – Organize your bookshelf and email folders to peers.

You can also use the optional ebrary's Plug-in or Unity Reader, which offers added functionality. You launch it by clicking on the ebrary Reader button.

Ebrary's collection is cutting edge and super current, you can read it on your computer and with nifty features (including automatic citation generation) you can really get into the text. To find this valuable resource click here, or from our library home page, click on databases a-z, Select E and then scroll to Ebrary.

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