Monday, November 29, 2010

Paper Pressure? Deadline Dilemmas? Text us.

Freaking out over all your final projects? Need some help finding reliable sources quickly? Just pick up your phone. You can text us your research question. Here's how:

1. Send a text to 265010
2. The message should start with our AIM buddy name (libmtsu) and a colon, followed by your question
3. Example - libmtsu: What is the call number for the book Blink?

You will receive replies as separate text messages. Standard charges apply, based on your cell phone plan.

If we don't answer right away, we may be assisting other users at the reference desk. The quickest way to
contact us in that case would be to call us at 615-898-2817.

All of our contact options, including chat and IM, are on our Need Help page.

Our job is to help you find the best resources for your project, paper or presentation. So ask us for help and reduce your stress levels.

picture credit: Zawezome/Creative Commons

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