Monday, April 25, 2011

Need a textbook for finals?

If you managed to make it through the semester without buying the textbook, but find yourself needing it to cram for the finals, the library may be able to help. While we don't usually buy textbooks for our regular collection, instructors will often place a copy on course reserve in the library so that the whole class has access to it for the semester. Search by course number or instructor name. You never know... you might even find old practice exams on course reserve, as well.

Occasional a textbook will slip into our regular collection, so feel free to search our catalog by the textbook title. Because textbooks often have common titles (e.g. Introduction to Art), it often helps to also search by an author name. These textbooks may be several editions old, but students usually find them helpful enough.

Stop by the reference desk on the library 1st floor, call, or chat with us if you need help.

And good luck on exams!

photo credit: Textbook Stack cc greenasian at flickr

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