Monday, May 21, 2012

Mulitple tech problems in the library today (with updates)

We are experiencing a perfect storm of technology problems in the library today.

1. A failed server in ITD is preventing logging in on public computers all across campus. The library computers are currently unavailable, except for a handful of Macs in the Digital Media Studio on the 2nd floor.

Update, 4:10 pm : Computers are back in business!

2. Off-campus access to most library databases is currently unavailable. Here is a limited workaround for article access.

Update, 4:10 pm : Off-campus access is back!

3. Wireless access is currently unavailable in the library.

Update 4:10 pm: Wireless is still down.
Update, 5/22/12: Wireless is back!

Many people are working hard to resolve these issues, but regrettably, we don't have a timeline
for when they will be resolved. We'll update you as the problems are fixed.

Contact us if you have any questions or if we might be able to help you access something.

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