Friday, August 24, 2012

Printing in the Library

Students, faculty and staff may print in the library by logging on to a computer with their Pipeline username and password.

When you print from a computer in the library, you must release it from the print system before you can retrieve it.

1. Select print on your computer.

2. Look at the name taped to the computer monitor and proceed to the closest print station.

3. Find your computer name on the screen at the print station and lightly tap it. If your computer name is toward the end of the alphabet (e.g., Twain or Wilde) you may need to select the Next button at the bottom of the screen to find it.

4. Tap the print jobs that you wish to print. A check mark should appear next to them.

5. Press Print at the bottom right side of the screen. Press Confirm Printing at the bottom right side of the screen.

Please note that the printers automatically delete jobs of 50 pages or more. If you must print a document this large, you will need to break it up into two or more jobs of 49 pages or less.

At this time, printing is "free" in the library. Free printing is supported primarily by the Technology Access Fees students pay.

Please print wisely.
For more on this story, please read the post Is printing really FREE?

If you just need to quickly print something, you can use our express printing station.
It is on the right as you enter the library and requires a USB drive.

Color Printing
Color printers are located on the 1st floor at the Technology Services Desk and on the 2nd floor in the Digital Media Studio (DMS). The cost is $.50 per page for 8.5" x 11" and $1.00 for 11 "x 17" (larger size at Technolgy Services only). Charges are applied to your library account and may be paid online. Library staff members will print your job for you at the desk to ensure high quality printing. Bring your file(s) on a usb drive.

Large Format (Poster) Printing.
Available to current MTSU students, staff, and faculty at the Library Technology Services desk on the 1st floor. Posters can be printed in two sizes: 2ft by 3ft and 3ft by 5ft. Smaller images will be surrounded by white space. Cost is $14 for 2'x3' standard poster or $35 for 3'x5' poster. Charges are applied to your library account and may be paid online. See poster printing tips and policies for more information.

Laptop Printing
Library laptops print to the 1st floor printers. The name of your print job is "liblap" plus the number on your laptop (e.g., "liblap32"). Printing is not available from personal laptops.

Group Study Printing
Items printed from group study rooms will go to the printers located south of the elevators on each floor.

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