Friday, September 6, 2013

Academic Success Series

Academic Success Series - Fall 2013

All sessions will be in Library Room 446 at 4:30pm both days and the same information will be covered in both sessions. Two dates are scheduled to accommodate more students.

How to Get Started at MTSU

Tuesday, September 10Wednesday, September 11
This session will cover topics including how to navigate RaiderNet & D2L, understanding the Lottery Scholarship, and helpful tips about GPA and academic standing.
Presented by Gia Jones.

How to Use Your Time Wisely

Tuesday, September 17
Wednesday, September 18
Time management is something most students struggle with on a daily basis. This session will cover techniques to help you better manage your time.
Presented by Danielle Stefanski.

How to Use the MTSU Library

Tuesday, September 24
Wednesday, September 25
Come find out what successful MTSU students know about the library and learn how to utilize the various resources available.
Presented by Kristen West.

How to Give A Winning Presentation

Tuesday, October 1
Wednesday, October 2
This session will cover tips and tricks that will help students refine their presentation and public speaking skills.
Presented by Susanna Wassom.

How to Relax, Chill & Still be a Successful Student

Tuesday, October 8
Wednesday, October 9
Being a college student is stressful! Academics, jobs, friends, and family can pull you in many directions, and there never seems to be enough hours in a day to get everything done. This session will cover how stress can impact your academics and your health. Leave with some surefire strategies to help you de-stress your life.
Presented by Lisa Schrader.

How to Use Your Academic Advisor

Tuesday, October 29
Wednesday, October 30
This session will cover information on how to know who your advisor is, how to get the most out of your time with your advisor, and what questions you should ask your advisor.
Presented by Travis Tipton.

How to Choose the Right Major for You

Tuesday, November 5
Wednesday, November 6
Having trouble choosing a major? This session will cover techniques on helping you find the right major and career field that best fits your personality and abilities.
Presented by Mark Convery.

How to Think Critically

Tuesday, November 12
Wednesday, November 13
This session will go over what critical thinking is (and isn't), provide a structure for evaluating your thinking, and show how it can be applied to a college level classes.
Presented by Hilary Stallings.

How to Prepare for Finals

Tuesday, November 19
Wednesday, November 20
This interactive session will focus on helping students prepare for final exams. Specific attention will be placed on assisting students with time management, reviewing helpful study skills, and discussing effective test taking strategies.
Presented by Eric Miller.
Have Questions? Contact Brandie Nelson at the University College Advising Center at (615) 898-2339.

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