Friday, September 27, 2013

MT Lambda 25th Anniversary Exhibit

MT Lambda 25th 
  Anniversary Exhibit

October 1st—31st 

On display in Library Atrium &
    Echo Dome (1st fl. past elevators)

Learn about this student organization and its history on campus.


Robert M. Winter said...

I am appalled at the exhibit for MT Lambda in the university library!!! I am not one to make choices how others choose to conduct their own lives. In other words if that is the way they choose to live their lives, I really could care less. But to have it promoted by MTSU is sickening!! I do not force my heterosexuality on them, why should the gays be allowed to publicize their lifestyle on we who are normal?! Homosexuality=SIN!

MTSU Librarian said...

This exhibit is actually not promoting a particular lifestyle but displaying the history of this 25 year old student organization.All of the items on display are items from 25 years of student activities, awards, lectures and programs on campus.

Anonymous said...

I am writing as an alumnus who was greatly embarrassed to find this picture circulating online of what appears to be the atrium of our Walker Library. The open defacing of an American flag shows ultimate disrespect for our country - something I have sadly come to expect from lesser organizations; however, this is entirely unacceptable behavior from MTSU. I am ashamed that this rag is hanging in our library.

I was so shocked and disappointed to see this that I am emailing all those who I consider to be responsible for maintaining the good reputation of our school to express my outrage. Please realize that this disaster will not be tolerated nor go unnoticed by those who matter most to the University - Tennessee high school students.

Kind Regards,
-Adam Snider
B.B.A. '10, M.B.A. '11

Anonymous said...


I am embarrassed to be associated with a university that endorses such vulgar displays anywhere on campus, but especially in the one building WE ALL MUST USE!!! When these faggots and dykes desecrate the nation's flag that is where any true patriot should be pissed enough to do something about it!! Sydney wake the fuck up!!!!

Kisha Bailey said...

It is always, of course, the people with the most hate and intolerance in their voices that speak the loudest, so instead of addressing them in their bigotry and ignorance, I would like to thank MTSU for featuring this exhibit so prominently about an organization that does so much for the student body as a whole.

In my years here, I never got the opportunity to join Lambda because I always took for granted it's existence and what Lambda really does for all of us at MTSU. I had some friends that were members, but it never really stood out as anything more than the LBGT frat that I sort of wanted to join, but never had the time for. As far as I was concerned, I could show support from afar because my sheltered existence led me to believe that so much of the hate in the world was largely a thing of the past. I should have known better.

So again, I want to openly thank MTSU for the wonderful exhibit about this organization, presenting helpful information about what it does and it's history, and recognizing it in such a way that it can look forward to a bright future.

Anonymous said...

i feel embarrassed i go to the same school these rock head idiots attended. i hope i dont leave here as ignorant as you all. due to the fact that anyone attending college or holding an upstanding job should try to hold their tongue me often. even though u disapprove of homosexuals it is a matter that you heterosexuals chose to shower with attention. bothers you because your a lame with no life

David Brown said...

As a Veteran I am proud to see such a prominent and thriving LGBT student group on this campus. I died for the freedom of ALL Americans, not just those freedoms which I personally agree with. That's the beautiful thing about this country. I praise both MT Lambda and all of the MTSU Administration who have stood strong against fierce criticism of this exhibit, this organization, and the overall image of MTSU.

For those of you who would like to do a little bit of research before throwing our your criticisms I'd like to bring your attention to the official US Flag Code:
The following is the precise definition of what constitutes a US Flag: "The flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be forty-eight stars, white in a blue field."

The flag hanging in the library does NOT fit this description and therefore is not an issue that falls under the US Flag Code. If these students had taken an actual American Flag and painted it 6 different colors, THAT would be desecration.

I don't see roving mobs of outraged citizens going around the city attacking businesses which use the flag for advertisement, nor do I see people out front of Wal Mart protesting the clothing they sell which is made from the US Flag. BOTH of which are DIRECT violations of the US Flag Code. It's clear that your issue with the flag shown in this exhibit is not with the flag itself but with the group to which it belong and the community which it represents.

God Bless