Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who stole Reference?!

As you start your spring semester, you may notice a change in the Reference area of the library: more than half of the book shelves are gone! (Where did the books go?) While the new open space would make a great bowling alley or dance hall, we have loftier goals in mind.

The area behind the Reference desk and between the computers and periodicals shelves will soon house additional computer work stations and collaborative study spaces and is part of a larger mission to enhance library services. Please take our Library Use Survey and let us know what you need from the library.

If you are unable to locate something that used to be in the Reference area, waltz, cha cha, or pirouette over to the Reference desk and let us help you.


Internal Library Communication said...

Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

I love that more computers are being added and I hope printers will be too. Also, the printers on all floors have become increasingly unreliable as to whether they will work when you need them and the quality of the printouts. I hope this will also be rectified. Same thing with the copier room on the first floor. Most of them don't work or they won't take your change. Article was amusing and creative. Thumbs up to the author