Thursday, March 3, 2011

Downloadable E-books

Some of the ebooks in our NetLibrary collection are now available for download to your laptop or selected ereaders and mobile devices. You can find ebooks in the Infosearch library catalog as well as directly in the ebooks databases (NetLibrary and Ebrary are the largest.)

Here is what you will see when you find a downloadable ebook in NetLibrary (you must click on View Details in a search result list):

You'll need to create a free account to download books, and an additional software download (Adobe Digital Editions) may be required. The book will be accessible to for 3 days and then it will become locked, though you can access it again online through the NetLibrary database. The ebook downloads work well on a computer, and they are supposed to be transferrable to several devices, but this librarian couldn't get one to work on an iPhone. If you have luck getting one on your Nook, Sony Reader, or other compatible device (not the Kindle, though) let us know.


Anonymous said...

I downloaded the Bluefire Reader on my ipad, and the book I wanted downloaded OK, just took awhile to download.

MTSU Librarian said...

Thanks, Anonymous. That's good to know. I have Bluefire on my Iphone, but it wouldn't let me transfer because it said it couldn't find a valid license for the book. Maybe it was just that title.


MTSU Librarian said...

Also, direct download rather than transfer may make all the difference.