Monday, March 21, 2011

Nuclear Power in the US

Just as the US was moving toward a renewed nuclear power plan in order to curb greenhouse gases produced by coal-derived energy, the horrible tragedy in Japan -- which began as a natural disaster and quickly expanded to a nuclear crisis -- has the public and politicans rethinking nuclear's future in this country. Once you get beyond the emotions of the moment, you may find yourself wondering exactly what the nuclear landscape is like at this moment. And what are the key issues being debated by policy makers? Here are some sources to give you a little background.

Where are the US nuclear reactors?

More Maps and Data
Reactor locations and seismic hazard in the US
Nuclear Europe
Top Ten nuclear reliant countries

Current Debates and Considerations
Nuclear Energy Topic Guide from the New York Times
Managing Nuclear Waste from CQ Researcher (may require login)
Does the US Need More Nuclear Power? from US News and World Report

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