Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Break Hours

Yes, that's right. While some of you are lying on the beach sipping fruity beverages, we will be here preserving the life of the mind (come on by... it'll be quiet!). Here are the library Spring Break hours:

Sat, March 5: 8:00-5
Sun, March 6: closed
Mon-Thurs, March 7-10: 8-4:30
Fri and Sat, March 11-12: closed
Sun, March 13: 1pm - midnight

See library hours for the whole semester.

Have a restful and/or productive Spring Break.


Anonymous said...

Those of us stuck here for spring break certainly appreciate the library being open. Especially when it's so quiet.

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful the library is open on spring break! It is the best time to study without being disturbed!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Everyone in the library during spring break needs to be here, and is focused on working. The silence is bliss, and a nice change from the typical noise level at the library (unfortunately).

Anonymous said...

It's great that it was open but it would have been nice to have longer hours. It's hard to be there and accomplish much before 4:30 when you have to work too.

Anonymous said...

So glad the library is open! Especially when professors like to give extra work to come back to right after break :)